Replacement Handles


Replacement Handles

Make your Lyfe Tyme pit look new again with the help of replacement handles.  Our handles are made of hard maple and come in two sizes. For the grill sections and fireboxes, we have 6″ replacement handles.  For the upright smoke chamber we have a 3” bell-shaped wooden handle.

To replace, you need to use a hammer, or similar tool, to bend the metal portion of the bracket open slightly.  There is a 1/2″ pin on either bracket that will insert into the ends of the handle.  Use the hammer to bend brackets closed again. If your old handles were longer than 6″ you will need to bend the brackets in a little further or add a washer to each side.

The upright smoke chamber handle is a 3” bell shaped wooden handle, and is secured using a push cap. The push cap is included with your order.

Just give us a call at 830-278-7262 or email us at with the size you need.

$15.00 each


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· Made in USA

· Hard Maple

· 6″ handle for firebox and grill section lids

· 3″ bell-shaped handle for upright smokers and baffles