Customer Reviews

To Whom It May Concern:

We thought we’d let you know that we just won the Grand Championship at the Marshall, Missouri State BBQ Championship. We won it using your 20″ Portable Double Lid Smoker.

We’ve been cooking on it for our own enjoyment since we bought it in 1998. We’ve gone to a few contests over the last 3 years and have consistently pulled individual ribbons, but this was our first Grand Championship. Other teams and spectators are always interested in our pit. It’s fun to give them the ‘tour.’ I don’t know of any other teams I’ve cooked against that use a Lyfe Tyme, but obviously, they should.

The season has just started and we have six or more contests still on our schedule for this year. Our recent win has also garnered us a spot at the American Royal Invitational BBQ contest. The invitational brings approximately 70 champions from around the United States and other countries to compete in the World Series of BBQ. The open contest the following day saw 475 teams competing and tens of thousands of spectators and participants. Its great exposure to your target market.

This leads us to propose a partnership. If you at Lyfe Tyme would provide us with a supporting sponsorship and a banner with your logo, we will make sure thousands see it. After all, we are the Smokin’ Elvises and we draw a lot of attention. We’ve even been seen on Food Network’s ‘BBQ with Bobby Flay.’

Pellet cookers are becoming more and more popular. It’s great to show that a good ole’ ‘stick burner’ can still beat them. We’re having a lot of fun doing this and if you can help us in anyway, or in any amount, we would truly appreciate it and do our best to give you a wonderful return on your advertising dollar.

Respectfully yours,

Randall Updike
Head Chef
Smokin’ Elvises
Championship BBQ Team


“I am thrilled to get the single lid smoker 20 x40. It is amazing and a lot of fun to smoke meat/BBQ!! Highly recommend these pits/smokers!”  – Tim P.

“Inherited this Single-lid from my father. He bought it new in 1988 in the New Braunfels area. Drove all the way to Louisiana in the back of his truck. This is the most amazing smoker. Extremely well built and very durable. He had it under a lean-to so it never saw weather, now I have to do the same. If I ever have to purchase a smoker, this will be the one I get. Thank You for making a product so well, it has been passed down from father to son, and probably from son to grandson.” – P. Fledd

“26 years ago in April, I purchased a Lyfe 16” Pedestal Grill, Serial #22299 my first serious grill for cooking as I started my BBQ and Grilling journey. While I have purchased many grills and smokers since then, discarding many due to just waring out, my Lyfe Tyme Grill has remained with me through multiple moves and I continue to use it. As I write, I am using the grill. One of the best investment decisions I have ever made! Five Star” – T. McKevitt

“Have had my single lid with firebox smoker for about 15 years. It’s followed me around like a faithful puppy since leavin’ se Texas and goin’ to New Mexico first, and now it’s plunked down in The Valley a tad south of Phoenix, Az. Still cookin’ mean briskets and ribs on it. Several years of se Texas humidity worked over the firebox breather pretty good before ending up out here where the humidity is low most of the time. Only serious rust is on that and the firebox door, which is still hanging in there (no pun on the hanging: hinges are fine). I clean the exterior surface and spray paint it with black oven paint to curtail almost all rust about once a year. Between that and not letting ashes linger long in the firebox, smoker is still good to go for a long time. Great product. Other brands would be rust buckets by now.” – R.W.

“5 star rating for sure! Purchased my 16″x 32″/fire box in 1989. Agree with all comments provided by Michael in his review. He has a lot of good times ahead. You can be sure that this smoker is high quality not only by design, but also by the way the company stands behind their products. My experience with Lyfe Tyme has been exceptional!” S. Stafford

“Bought 35 years ago in 1985, single door w firebox and hauled it back to Arlington in the back of a pickup. This is a well built, long lasting, hand me down when I die, smoker! Not the junk iron found in 75% of the new ones. They still make ’em right. Burnt the wood handle off many years ago, but baling wire works. Am 78 years old and have been replaced by 2nd wife who won’t let me near beer or smoker. She is a darn good pit master in the old grill.” T. Stanley

“I’m just a Yankee from Chicago, but this smoker is amazing. I’ve done every kind of meat on it (plate beef ribs by far my favorite) and it comes out perfect. The temperature control and retention is so precise it makes it fun and easy. I’m no expert, but everyone that sees its majesty in my back yard is impressed and jealous. If you’re in the market for a hoss smoker, this is the one.” – M. Angelopoulos

“Bought the 20″×40″ version 12 years ago in 2008, and this is a fantastic smoker. I use the fire box for direct grilling and the main chamber for brisket (mostly). Definitely an heirloom pit that can be handed down for generations. Highly recommended!” A. Garcia

“I purchased my smoker while trying to rent one for a event in Round Rock Texas. I bought and seasoned the Smoker on Sept 27, 2016. The notes on my first cook are this. Sometimes a smoker is just a smoker and sometimes it is a magical thing that truly cook’s beautifully with little effort as luck would have it this one is such a smoker. The first brisket out of this baby had Texas BBQ snobs drooling at the meats coming off of her. She’s a special one and needs a name. It is now three years later and still happy with her. I just did a cook for Saddles in Service, and it was perfect the only thing I would change on this is making a brass Lyfe Tyme Plate instead the stickers you could use this as a name and serial number plate.” – M. Harwig

“I have owned my Lyfe Tyme for almost 40 years. I purchased it new in Hempstead, Texas. It has seen countless briskets. In the aftermath of hurricane Alicia in ‘83, I cooked everything on it for 5 days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee, hot water to warm the baby’s bottle. In ‘91, I moved to California. The salt air near the ocean caused the steel wheels to rust solid to the axle. I moved it back to Texas in ‘02. It weathered a tornado and hailstorms. The Lyfe Tyme decal faded, cracked and disappeared. The wood handles dry rotted, but nothing has harmed the way it cooks. Solid five stars.” – K. Pruitt

“I’ve had mine since 1984. It’s the 16″ x 40″ single lid and it still out cooks any pit in its class I’ve ever seen. Family and friends love it too. I’ve used it normally every weekend, makes absolutely the very best brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, pork butts, pork shoulder, and everything else. Always been under a covered patio out of the weather, so I cook year round here in south Louisiana. I’ve used 1000s of pounds of charcoal and only replaced the charcoal holding grid in the firebox once and that was after 24 years of heavy use. It’s the absolute best. Thank you, guys.” – D. Ehrmann

“I bought my 16″ x 32″ single lid 26 years ago in Hempstead, TX and it has been great. I ordered new handles for it today as the old ones cracked and squirrels ate the rest lol. This smoker makes great brisket and is made to last lifetime or two. I’m repainting mine and putting new handles on it and a new sticker too so it will be like new for decades to come. These are built to last 100 years or more if taken proper care of from the Houston, TX heat.” – Bobby

“My dad has owned this grill for 35 years. He just passed it down to me. It sat outside uncovered most of its life. After knocking the rust off it is as solid as the first day. All the welds have held up beautifully. I plan to clean it up and pass it down to my kids in another 30 years. As far as I am concerned, no one makes a more durable grill.” – Todd

“I have owned my single lid with firebox for over 12 years now. It is still kicking out great bbq. Being in the military, it has followed me through four different states and is currently with me in a Hawaii. It’s awesome to be able to smoke a Texas brisket anywhere I got stationed, and of course my friends/family love it as well. Nice job on craftsmanship guys! Built to last!” – A. Eckenfels

“I purchased mine 6/1/1990. SN 10186! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and nothing I have seen since (pellet, gas, electric or charcoal) would sway me away from this pit! Excellent choice! I wish I had kept track of how many pounds of meat I have cooked over the years!” – M. McMichen

“Like the old guy on the lid of my Lyfe Tyme camper grill, long since burned and weathered off, I bought mine when I was young. Well, I bought it more than 20 years ago. It’s been in my back yard, through all those summers and Canadian winters, and is still sound as a bell. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain as well (and recently was gifted a Bradley smoker), but the Lyfe Tyme is my default pit. For a small, simple barbecue setup, the camper grill is remarkably versatile. I’ve done whole turkeys on it, and countless other meats and fish. I reverse seared a lot of tri tips on it over 2019, just piling the charcoal at one end and cooking it slowly at the other end, then opening up the grill and firing up the charcoal pile and putting the meat right over it. Perfect. I even tracked down and bought a single-lid grill with the big vertical smoking chamber for my stepson on his birthday. He loves it.” – J. Kirchhoff

“Bought mine at Montalbano Lumber in Houston, TX over 20 years ago. Best pit I’ve ever owned!!!! Money well spent!” – R. Tedder

“I was gifted mine over 20 years ago. Up until then I never had a smoker that would maintain temp. This one does. Great smoker!” D. Stanat

“I’ve had my pit with smoker for more than 20 years. It cooks fantastically and I love it. For Thanksgiving I put a smoked ham on the top rack of the smoker and a large turkey on the bottom rack. The fat from the ham drips down on the turkey and the result is amazing.” B. Papania

“I bought mine over 25 years ago. It has endured hurricanes, hail and freezes. Continues to produce brisket to turkeys with rave reviews.” – R. Duncan

“Bought this pit around 1998 in Orange, Tx. It’s Heavy Duty and cooks Great! If you are tired of buying the thin two or three season pits. Here is the last one you will ever need. Very Pleased.” – D. Cargill

“I’ve had this grill for 28 years and have cooked countless pounds of meat. It’s long enough to smoke a brisket or ribs or chickens with the fire on one side and the meat on the other side. And hamburgers and other incidentals over direct heat. Thanks, Lyfe Tyme!” – D. Torres

“Best grill I ever owned. Ex got it, I sure miss that grill!” – Marko