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Our Pits
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Single-Lid Grill

Can also be used on smaller patios, but offer a little more cooking space.

Sizes available are 16" x 32", 20" x 32", and 24" x 40".

Single-Lid Grill w/ Firebox
These are our most popular grills. They are great for family use in backyards and can be used in a variety of ways including the indirect cooking method Lyfe Tyme is known for. Sizes available are 16" x 32" w/ Firebox, 16" x 40" w/ Firebox, 20" x 32" w/ Firebox, and a 20" x 40" w/ Firebox.

Double-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

Another popular grill for backyard use for larger families or just more cooking space. Has an extra smaller shelf for vegetables or bread.

Sizes available are 20" x 40" w/ Firebox, and 24" x 60" w/ Firebox on Skids.

Camper Grill

Can be used on smaller patios such as apartments or town homes.

Sizes available are 16" x 26" and 20" x 28".

Table-Top Grill

Great for taking along to the park, lake or river.

Sizes available are 16" x 18". Stands are also available for an additional charge.

Open-Top Grill

24" x 24" camp fire grill. Top grate is hinged for out-of-the-way placement for adding wood or flipping food.

Double-Lid Smoker
This smoker offers a larger grill area that the single-lid. Sizes available are 20" x 40" w/ Firebox and 24" x 40" w/ Firebox.

Single-Lid Smoker
This unit offers a vertical smoking section, used for smoking foods such as turkeys or hams. Sizes available are 16" x 32" w/ Firebox, and 20" x 32" w/ Firebox.

Triple Lid Smoker on Skids

Available in two or three lids in the grill area. These larger 24" diameter pits, require skid mount instead of wheels due to the weight.

Any of our grills can be placed on skids upon request.

Portable Smoker

These are our most popular portables used for catering and cook-off events and have the same features as the portable grills w/ firebox.

Available in 20" x 40" Double-Lid w/ Firebox and 24" x 72" Triple-Lid w/ Firebox.

Portable Grill w/ Firebox

These units are mounted on trailers using a "Torflex" axle and 15" tires and wheels.

They are equipped with lights and a 2" bull-dog hitch. Also includes a wood basket and ice chest holder behind the pit and a water cooler holder on the front of the trailer. Other
accessories are available upon request.

Available in 20" x 60" Double-Lid w/ Firebox, and 24" x 60" Double-Lid w/ Firebox.

We also do custom work. All of our units can be customized to your specifications.

See Product List / Specifications for further information on dimensions.

For custom orders, call 1-800-394-8963. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & PayPal.

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